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“Are you a confident Christian?” Islamist leader inquires

UK Government Minister Slams ‘Militant Secularism’ LONDON (AP) — When it comes to religion, British politicians tend to heed the famous advice of Tony Blair’s spin doctor, Alastair Campbell — “We don’t do God.” In contrast to the United States,… Continue Reading →

A Londoner Laments

One in three young people in England have become heavy drinkers. Surely this fact factors into the recent riots across the United Kingdom. Just how do we reach these? Surely we can pray. Surely we can support those who are… Continue Reading →

Spontaneous Expansion of the Church

Rowland Allen published a fine book by this title in the early 1900’s based on his experiences as a foreign missionary. I dig that title. Bring it on, Lord. I found a text version of the book. In it, the… Continue Reading →

Those Incredible House Church Numbers

Who would have guessed that, by some accounts, there are now more house churchers than Southern Baptists, the largest protestant denomination in the USA? House Churchers, therefore, are all around us, likely in every public place, even at every major… Continue Reading →

True Friendships on the Decline in the USA

Why Are More Americans Lonely Today? by Janice Shaw Crouse, Posted Jul 13, 2006 Human Events Online Rarely has news from an academic paper struck such a responsive nerve with the general public. The National Science Foundation (NSF) reported in… Continue Reading →

Mega Church looks to Small Groups

Andy Stanley is Betting the Farm on Doubling Groups Before Northpoint Church ever started, Andy started a group in his home. He met with a handful of other couples to encourage one another, study the Bible together, pray and fellowship…. Continue Reading →