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Doodling in Church

I was noticing earlier today in our Sunday home church meeting that several participants were doing something with their hands as we sat together. One was knitting, another holding an electric bass guitar which (thankfully) wasn’t turned on. Me, I… Continue Reading →

4 McCains

The paths of President Obama and his former rival John McCain recently crossed at the Naval Academy graduation. The latest McCain grad was the fourth. Let this encourage us to teach our children and grand-children well and, by grace, see… Continue Reading →

Pat Summitt on family

House churching, or whatever your preferred terminology, presumes a (hopefully somewhat stable) family. After all, church is family. And family is the cradle of society, too. Here is a short audio clip released earlier this week by my fellow Tennessean… Continue Reading →

Classroom size with respect to intimacy

Colleges and universities are rated on a number of criteria. A high rating comforts parents as they write out the checks each semester. One criteria is the faculty to student ratio, supposedly a measure of teacher/student interaction and intimacy. Another… Continue Reading →

Any Christian dynasty builders among us?

A home church generally emerges from a Christian home. True, there are frequent exceptions. Consider, now, the historical footprint of one Jonathan Edwards: Edwards, one of the greatest Preachers of all time, was married in 1727. He and his wife… Continue Reading →