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Anne Hutchinson – early American house churcher

NARRATOR: Hutchinson’s story electrified her listeners. They gathered at her house to hear about her revelation from God, just yards from where the governor lived. JOHN WINTHROP: She keeps open house for all comers, three score, four score people. She… Continue Reading →

Of the Taliban and Tea Party movements

Both of these movements are obviously gaining ground. Both claim to have no hierarchy of leadership and no central headquarters. They are ideologies which encourage spreading their message without approval of a chain of command, meeting anywhere and advancing their… Continue Reading →

Epidemic of Emotional Affairs

The sad news of house churches falling apart due to marital infidelity regularly reaches our ears. In our own area, we have recently witnessed the devastating effects of an “emotional affair.” Even though the affair did not get physical before… Continue Reading →

Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy

“Simple church” may lead some to the premise that simple is necessarily going to be easy. I think not, though I am not uncomfortable with the phrase: simple church. Things indeed have gotten a little too complicated with respect to… Continue Reading →

Atlanta House Church Workshop

Saturday, October 31, 2009 Reformation Day House Church Workshop Some think of October 31 as Halloween, but it is also the day that Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to Wittenberg’s Castle Church door. ┬áIt will also the day that… Continue Reading →