• I think the church and established mission groups have dampened peoples desire to go out and share the Gospel.  I had a bookcase of stories of people, men and women who felt led to go out and their church or mission board said no, they were not trained enough.  Then they went out on their own, and did amazing things following the Spirit's leading.  My husband and I, also tried to go out with a mission's board, but we're rejected.  We went out on our own, with our own money, for a few weeks at a time, and with our children, and with friends, and met local people in the other countries who wanted to go out and witness also and helped them do it, as they could speak the local language, and help us in relating.  I think if more stories like this went out, more people would be inspired to go out.  Including those in house churches.  House churches work well in most countries.  

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