• Hey there, dear brother, it's great to see you again. I recall your handle from years ago. And I recall your sound words.    :)

    Unfortunately so it seems, in today's world the Great Commission is becoming the great omission. Many churches have little or no emphasis on the subject. 

    But surely Christ's final message must have a profound meaning. His final word to go with the Gospel and that His presence would be with us.

    Worse still... The very nature of the Gospel is good news. So why would we - how could we withhold it? Why would we need to be commanded to share it?

    Yet worse still... This is one issue that should unite and motivate the whole body of Christ. Yet this is seldom seen.

    We can criticize others but in the end will those of a non-institutional church persuasion do any better? 

    What is wrong? What is missing? Does it matter?

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