[House Church Talk] Re: men in suits

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Tue Jan 13 11:48:16 EST 2004

Uh-Oh - hawaii sounds like suit territory to me...
and, not swim suit...

May I steer this thread a bit?

My son is mid 20 and says he has tried everything.  Everything points to making money.  He is
gonna drop out because he finds it all the same.

He wears a suit.  Blue collar.  He wants to drop out, and I don't blame him.  I will continue
the charade until he can lead to another plain - show me where/how - still gotta put food on
the table and pay the bills, yes, with money.  But, I think he may be right, and I think his
observations are in line with this thread.  He is picking up where I have taught him, methinks.

Any ideas/thoughts?
Dan ChicagoArea

> Just got back from Hawaii folks.....I am in a dream.....never saw such
> beauty in my life.....
> Peace,
> janet

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