[House Church Talk] Re: China Report

Lyle E Cooper lyle.cooper at cox.net
Mon Jan 19 20:22:54 EST 2004

I am Lyle Cooper from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I was reading your post of your 
trips to China and was very interested, sine I am planning to go to 
China myself.  I am planning to teach English as a way to get in and get 
started, but my heart is ministering in the home churches.  I am a 
graduate of Rhema here in Tulsa, and am excited to get started in 
ministry in China. I am a teacher, and I understand that the church in 
China is asking for teachers.  I have been on the web to china, working 
mostly with college students, since they are the ones on the web.  I 
have about 12 converts in one year.  I thank God for that, but it is 
going so slow, and time is so short.  I would like your opinion as to 
what province would be my best choice for opportunites to minister in 
the underground church.  I have been leaning towards Hangzhou in 
Zhejiang province.  Any input would be greatly appreciated. If I can be 
of assistance to you, let me know.
In Christ,

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