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Bruce Woodford bwood4d at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 22 20:55:36 EST 2004

Hi David,

You wrote:"I believe that the church was to be the department of social 
services. Unfortunately, she invested her funds in other things."

You are right about that! Other things like temple buildings, salaries of 
clerics etc!

You continued:"I recall learning that some of the early settlers in Quaker 
country refused to use lighting rods on their barns. Is that trusting God or 
is it tempting God?"

Brother, using means such as fences, locks, lightening rods, shingles etc TO 
PREVENT  damage or loss from known dangers is a different matter altogether 
from insurance!

Acquiring insurance does not prevent any damage or loss, but rather 
contributes to a common purse with unbelievers which provides for 
restoration, repair, or replacement AFTER the fact, AFTER the loss, AFTER 
the damage!  The party which is injured or suffers loss is reimbursed from 
that common purse into which all have contributed.

The question is: To whom do we turn in our time of need, our time of loss, 
or damage? Do we turn in a different direction than the unsaved, or the same 
direction?  Where we turn in our time of need tells far more about our 
confidence in God than our words!

You continued:"Well, you might enjoy this piece by Jonathan Lindvall. This 
article was originally published in Home School Digest: 

Thank you brother for bringing Jonathon's excellent article to our 

He refers to many of the same scriptures that the Lord used to challenge my 
own thoughts on insurance.

That process extended over more than 20 years in my own life as the Lord 
dealt first with insurance on a church building, then life insurance, health 
insurance, employment insurance,  social insurance, and auto liability 

I don't have a web site, but have written an article on insurance which is a 
personal testimony of the Lord's dealings with me on these issues, but far 
more than that...it is a testimony of His faithfulness in providing for our 
needs when we opted out of dependence on each of these insurance schemes. It 
also looks at a number of different designations in scripture which describe 
what we call "insurance" today.  I'd be happy to send this by e-mail to 
anyone who requests it.

I don't claim that everyone ought to do as I have done, but I do encourage 
every believer to heed the counsel of Mary to the servants at the wedding at 
Cana, "Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it!" (John 2:5) Whatever God clearly 
indicates to you is His direction for you, the wisest course is just to do 

Your brother in Christ,

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