[House Church Talk] Pattern or simply an adaptation?

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Tue Jan 27 08:34:23 EST 2004

Well, if I must, I could dig out the musty old "Cemetery" text books and get
some references.  However, this point is not of great importance and I don't
really feel it is worth further discussion.

Thanks Again,


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I am asking for their sources for that belief. Frank source is Gene
Edwards, but I do not believe that they are historical accurate. Note the
comments from David that you sent along.

On Mon, 26 Jan 2004 15:53:21 -0500 "R.L. Johnson"
<rjohnson at wise.k12.va.us> writes:
> I took this information from x?x's "Pagan Christianity."   I
> have
> also heard it expressed in Seminary classes from the Southern
> Baptist
> Convention.
> RJ
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