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May I offer my belated thanks for the introduction and your encouraging
comments. I think you have hit on something in the issue of pride.

This and other problems that may exist in our hearts most likely concern the
Lord more than the location of our gatherings. All I can say for myself is
that He has pressed upon me to pursue the home style gatherings that I see
in the New Testament. This does not eliminate the possibility of pride,
however. Believe it or not, some of our loudest "House Church spokemen" have
revealed an arrogance and pride that is not found in many traditional church

Thanks also for sharing the vision of your local fellowship. The Lord must
really be present among them for you to be willing to move to that area! I
was once part of a simple church like that, where people were so exited at
what God was doing with us that they moved their families from several
states, changed jobs etc. If the pastor could have trusted the counsel of
the Lord in the local elders, that congregation might still be going on
together today.

Now I am the one becoming long-winded!

Be blessed in Him.
Dan Beaty

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> I have read the postings on this list for months now, and enjoyed them
> thoroughly. Up till now, I haven't posted any comments, but I feel like
> taking the plunge on this topic. I agree that to meet in a house church
> isn't "ordered" as are some other commandments. My personal belief is at
> that time that was the most convenient way to meet; homes were
> available, cost little or nothing, and were low visibility (important
> during the times of persecution).
> On the other hand though... Big, expensive, prideful (or you could say
> pride filled) church buildings were not ordained either. One writer was
> correct to point out that our patterns today of where we worship in the
> institutional church come from the time of Constantine, the pagan
> temples, the "Roman Church".
> I feel the greatest sin and the one that most often leads people away
> from Christ is the sin of pride. And when you build a huge, expensive,
> lush church building, you are committing this sin. I don't see anything
> wrong with meeting in a common building. That has several advantages; a
> central place of worship, no undue burden placed on the family/families
> where the group meets, and it is a visible sign to others that here is a
> place you can find believers, so that anyone seeking the Lord knows that
> he can find guidance there. There are many ministries that can only be
> efficiently provided out of a central, common, location. But when the
> meeting place becomes THE central concern (as it was in the congregation
> I attended before this one, and the one I attend now), then we have
> strayed from the path. We are not walking the walk that Christ
> commanded.
> I have found another congregation that I am in love with. I have to move
> to get nearer to them. My relatives are puzzled by my willingness to
> move, change jobs, alter lifestyle, when the only goal is to be able to
> attend and worship with a different congregation. But that's me. I want
> Christ and my worship to be the center of my life. Yes, these people
> meet in a building, but it is just a metal warehouse, nothing at all
> fancy. They just all chipped in and bought it. No mortgage. We are
> talking about buying a church bus, so that people who cannot drive can
> get to services if they so desire. And the official plan is that when
> this building gets too small, then we split off and plant another church
> to bring others in, and buy another used, cheap metal building.
> I hope I haven't been too long winded. I believe there is a place for
> central places of worship, as there is a place for house churches. And
> these need not be mutually exclusive! For instance, my congregation
> meets for worship in the church building Sunday am, and in small home
> groups Sunday evening and during the week.
> Take care everyone and God bless.
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