House Church Talk - fretting

Claire Bennett clairebnntt at
Sat Jun 5 17:05:27 EDT 2004

The voting begins at 7, but there is a meeting prior at 6, and dh received word that it was cancelled but he will show up anyway as they do things like this - like leaving his name off the ballot "accidentally" which we made them redo.  I wrote up something and paid the neighbor kid to deliver it to all the homes.    I appreciate your support.  The feeling of anxiety is worse than anything.  My husband is really upset at someone he calls a "Judas," a Christian who he supported when the board tried to get him to take his cross down, and who now appears to have joined the other side.

As to legal action:  my husband is very experienced with law although not a lawyer as he works with his union helping employees with grievances. He is starting online law school in September!  One problem is the mgt. company has these crooked lawyers who have taken people's homes. DH talked to a woman who lost a case because the judge played golf with the same crooked attorney and refused to recuse himself, claiming he was not biased.  We have documented everything, and it is an option, but if Russell and Howard - the other decent person running- win, then there is no need.  We are not the only people they are trying to jerk around here.  

My kids are getting a hands on lesson in what politics is all about :)

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