House Church Talk - Remembering Ron

David Anderson david at
Wed Jun 9 17:34:08 EDT 2004

 Hi all, 

Character + courtesy = class. Now that's a needful lesson for us. Add to 
those an uncommon sense of humor.

Character and courtesy - do those mark the house church circle? Hmm, how 
often has it been heard: "OK, I guess you won the argument, now I'll 
become a Christian or now I'll leave organized religion."

Ronnie believed in something and, unlike many today, acted out of 
conviction, aka character.

"Tear down that wall, Gorbie!" he said.

("Tear down that wall, clergy!" say we.)

When accused of not being a regular churchgoer, I wish the chief 
executive could have replied: "Why, we, the church, meet every day right 
here at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for worship, prayer, singing, and 
encouragement. Do join us whenever you can."

Ga. Washington, btw, had in-house services each Sunday night.

Amazing Grace, by John Newton, was played today. The author refused to 
join the Church of England because they didn't practice "mutual 

Reagan used to say that the best was yet ahead for America - I trust that 
is certainly true for him. RIP, brother. 

    David Anderson

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