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Sat Jun 12 13:44:49 EDT 2004

>On Wed, 9 Jun 2004 16:34:08 -0400 David Anderson <david at>

>Amazing Grace, by John Newton, was played today. The author refused to
>join the Church of England because they didn't practice "mutual
>What more are you able to tell us about this, David?
>Grace in Christ,
>Glenn S.

   Hey Glenn, 

That info was from a letter in Newton's Collected Works. The newer and 
condensed versions of his Letters do not contain it. I saw a reference to 
it and finally found an old copy of his works in the library of Bob Jones 
University in SC. In the letter he was citing his reasons for being a 
"dissenter." BJ has an unbelievable collection of paintings by the Old 
Masters, btw. 

Gimme a few days to fetch, scan, correct, and send it in. (Man, do I need 
a secretary!)

Margaret Thatcher, waxing ever so eloquent, mentioned John Bunyan at the 
close of her prerecorded eulogy for Ronald Reagan. He also had a number 
of points of interest on the same subject and upon ordination. He was a 
Baptist before it was popular to be one and was therefore imprisoned for 
preaching outside the established channels.

Listening to MT's awesome presentation reminded me that the question is 
not if women could teach but should they.

Lord, give us more Bunyan's and Thatcher's.

   David Anderson

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