House Church Talk - esteemed judging/education

Claire Bennett clairebnntt at
Wed Jun 16 10:49:36 EDT 2004

OK, I did some research and realize there are various interpretations and commentaries regarding "let the least esteemed judge."  Maybe the Greek scholars here would like to comment.  Obviously Paul is speaking to gentiles in the Corinthian church who do not already have the example of the Bet Din (assembly of religious courts) to handle their disputes.

In regard to educating children, maybe that is an issue we need to do some "one anothering" on.  I became a believer in college and didn't grow up in a Christian home.  I noted that my brethren that grew up in Christian homes were, for the most part, very naive about the ways of the world and the deceitfulness of people.  They were excellent marks for a spiritual/emotional/financial con job.  I guess to be wise as serpants, at some point you have to observe how the serpants operate.  

The ancient Hebrew model appears to be a mixture of home and community learning.  Children were educated at home during the early years; and discipled by a local rabbi who continued their education.  The rabbi/teachers were raised up from among the community, so their character and wisdom, as well as trustworthiness was known.  

I don't see where this is in any way similiar to the current public/private school system.  

I was part of a cooperative Christian school, and I was less than thrilled with it.  I have seen other cooperative schools, and while the concept is good, they tend to be run by either an autocrat or a church - also an autocrat usually.  An ideal situation would be some sort of home/community mixture.  This could provide for those who are unable to homeschool or afford private schooling.  

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