House Church Talk - home education with respect to "ruling one's house well"

David Anderson david at
Thu Jun 17 13:42:27 EDT 2004

>So are we going to take our teaching from the traditions of the Rabbi's 
>now? The Jewish education system was very good. But was essentially 
>communal, and not just in a home setting. Therefore is a poor example of 

     Howdy to you, on this hot day,

The extended quotation following my recent post was NOT sent as an 
example of home schooling - exactly the opposite. According to some in 
the home school community, home schooling for life is what the Scripture 
teaches AND what was usually practiced in the past. I don't yet believe 
that either proposition can be substantiated. Of course I favor the idea 
of home schooling. Nor do I have any desire to lessen the true force of 
"ruling one's house well."

Yes, the early Christian Way was largely communal - how else could all 
those "one anothering" mandates be implemented except in close community? 
It speaks volumes that Jesus, as a child, was entrusted in the company of 
friends so that a very long time expired before it was noticed that he 
was missing. In other words, his parents did not believe that they alone 
had to be every human relationship to their children, rolled into one.

For those that have the time, the ability, and the knowledge to give 
their kids a complete education without outside assistance, that's 
wonderful. Just don't legislate it upon others or make it a "prerequisite 
for becoming a church leader" without a warrant from Scripture or 
history. The persons who first received the directive to "rule their own 
houses well" were mostly the same who traditionally sent their young ones 
off each day to be taught by others. They apparently saw no conflict with 
the injunction concerning "fathers bringing up their children in the 

(Other factors soon entered as the Christians separated from their Jewish 
ancestors and Jewish meeting places. Saints were also persecuted by the 
Roman government in some localities and had to become less visible. But 
not in every location.)

Keith, above all, I'm glad the Lord is using you alongside your children 
in the real world. Jesus made it plain that his disciples were to be -- 
the light of the world --. Isolationism isn't much of an option and thank 
Goodness I hear less and less about "the home church movement being the 
underground church."

My relatives built some of the first schools in the state of VA in the 
1700's, btw. They were essentially Christian schools without apology. We 
ourselves have been able to home school because we spend a fraction of 
the time they spent gathering the wherewithal to eat and stay warm. Life 
is good!

      David Anderson

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