House Church Talk - Building Community?

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Wed Jun 23 17:10:19 EDT 2004

I have been asking myself lately what it really means to be part of "house church".  I found this yesterday and it sorta sums it up for me.  There days I am more concerned with building community then anything else.

Building Community

Community isn't just a nice add-on, but it is who we are as a church. Christianity is not about individuals as much as it is about community. In community, we can support and encourage each other. 

This doesn't mean that we expect you to spend every waking hour at the church. Even our leaders doen't spend 52 weekends a year at church, and you certainly won't be expected to do so either. We know that everyone has busy lives and the church is just one part of the picture. But, even so, it is possible for the church to offer a community that knows and supports you. We pray for each other, rejoicing for one another when things go well and comforting each other when the times are tough. 

You can't fully be a Christian on your own. Christianity is, at its best, experienced in community. This is what Jesus called on his disciples to do. Many times he told his disciples how Christians should treat one another. All of these many sayings from scripture (shown below) give a clear idea of how important community is to Christianity. 

Thoughts? Comments?

 Love & Blessings,

Thot for the day-
"Living according to Kingdom values requires Christians to place relationships higher than personal freedom."
(Ralph Neighbour) 
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