House Church Talk - Building Community?

jim pierceall jpierceall at
Thu Jun 24 08:06:15 EDT 2004

Hi Jeanne - Good thoughts shared below, and much to think about concerning
the one anotherings....

> Dear Jeanne:
> re:"You can't fully be a Christian on your own. Christianity is, at its
> experienced in community. This is what Jesus called on his disciples to
> Many times he told his disciples how Christians should treat one another.
> of these many sayings from scripture (shown below) give a clear idea of
> important community is to Christianity."

And when Adam shared equally valid thoughts concerning those members of
the body, in areas that restrict open one anotherings...

I was sort of
reminded of the two lampstands of Rev 11:3-4
 4 These are the two olive trees and the two lampstands that stand before
the Lord of the earth.

Jesus and Holy Spirit that always provide the oil, roots of production
established in the Father, that keeps the light burning on top of the
lampstand...  Without them, there could be no light...

Could the two lampstand be identified as Smyrna and
Philadelphia?  One under persecution yet holding faithful to His Lordship..
and the one holding faithful in "community" w/ Jesus as it's head and desire
of heart?

> That is the way it is supposed to be, however for those Christian brothers
> and sisters who face persecution around the world in isolation, the only
> companionship and support is Jesus Christ, and by the Holy Spirit He has
sent, and by
> the Will of the Heavenly Father that works through Him to and through the
> believer.
> > Sincerely,> A fellow bond-servant of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
> Adam

Just my thoughts that you both stimulated...  thanks again...

JimP - kentucky

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