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Promote Him, first and foremost

  • Jesus is the Man - the God man. Like none other.
  • All truth points to Him. He is the end of all means.
  • Therefore, we promote Him in all his preeminence.
  • Church matters are important, but secondary.
  • Talk about our Lord anywhere and everywhere.
  • Serve others in his name - at home and abroad.
  • Pray for the advancement of his Kingdom.
  • Pray for unity among all brothers and sisters.
  • Give to needy persons and causes.
  • Don't worry about who gets the credit.
  • Avoid all merchandising of the Gospel!
  • Be an example to younger ones.
  • Participate in the Forums when convenient.
  • List yourself or your group in the Registry.
  • We can likely link to your site. Contact us.
  • Feel free to link to ours.