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  • Hi Sandy. There's an app and a website with the luni-solar calendar about their perception of the sabbath and church. It's called "Worlds Last Chance". Additionally, there is an Instagram account with further information if you'd like to follow for insight. The handle for Instagram is sabbath_is_not_sat_or_sun

    • Hey all. Jesus said that the day, whenever it was, was made for us - not us for it. For me I feel like I may have been missing something while trying to avoid a legalistic attitude. 

      Does your life need more structure - more rhythm? Mine does. To be honest, I don't think I am not getting enough rest. But at least, Sunday is not the busiest day as it once usually was.

      Even God rested... after he made the worlds. 

      Yes, I realize these feeble remarks add nothing to which day of the week it was. Excuse me...