Comment to 'Famine'
Comment to Famine
  • Hey William, hey all. 

    Regarding William from Kenya, I can personally recommend him. He has sent receipts and (many) photos to me for the projects he works on. 

    To be honest, I have become suspicious of requests for help - from near and far.

    I believe William is who he says he is and that he is a genuine Kingdom worker, too. And yes, the needs there are beyond belief. Please remember Africa in your daily prayers.

    We try to keep a welcoming platform here with very few rules. But we have now added to them that donation requests should not be posted in the messaging system. In this Category of the Discussions Forum - that is the best way. Here we can learn of the needs and receive updates, too. And so, all the reports will be together.

    It is projected, btw, that Africa will be producing the largest growth of Christians in the decades ahead, of any continent. There should be plenty of room for house churches and an ongoing need for Bibles.

    May the Lord direct your steps in these matters and let us encourage as many as we are able. God will repay.

    David Anderson, serving as administrator.

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