Comment to 'Rebuilding the Ancient Ruins'
  • You wrote, "You said that your vision led you to believe that the church is in ruins." Fascinating how our five physical senses can interpret even plain things so wrongly. When I read "You said that your vision led you to believe that the church is in ruins" I nearly wept several times. The churches are in ruins. They're in shambles. We're just accustomed to shambles, confusion, scraps, and trickle blessings and think what we're used to is the actual truth, the correct pattern, the Heavenly blueprint, and Jesus's standard. 

    If you can't see the ruins of the churches, then please pray for spiritual sight like Elisha prayed for his servant. It's plain if you look with spiritual eyes. I didn't need the vision to tell me that. (In the OT we see God's city and temple in ruins many times, needing to be rebuilt.) The vision wasn't talking about the state of the churches but the state of most pastors, the state of the leaders God appointed to build and establish the churches, and mostly the primary need for the Church and God's foremost method to bless or manifest God's blessings in a city or region which are the apostolic and prophetic ministries (as the Bible bears witness to). 

    You wrote, "Despite her unfaithfulness, Christ's Bride is still able to articulate the core truth of the Gospel, namely, that Jesus is God Incarnate and that He died for our sins." How can a broken vessel work correctly? The churches can't articulate the truth clearly while they're broken, otherwise the churches wouldn't need to be restored. The light of Christ is and can be suppressed by darkness. The entire Bible makes this clear. One of the reasons God refines His people is to purify them so they will be clean channels-- or transparent rather than opaque or translucent channels-- of Jesus's light, love, and Life

    I'm not encouraged about anything regarding the churches-- past, present, or future. I'm only encouraged that sooner or later, God has promised to be glorified through His Church. Jesus is the only head of the Church, but He set ministries in the Church whose function will never cease to be legitimate and relevant until the very end of time as the Bible says. These are apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. And as the Bible plainly states, Jesus set apostles and prophets as the foundation of the Church with Jesus Himself being the cornerstone. If we're too hard-hearted to adhere to the foundational things and the things that are plainly written in the Pages, then any wisdom, courage, or strength we think we have is obsolete and will do us no good. There's no piety or righteousness in editing God's Word because our intentions are good or because some people have misused and defiled certain truths in His Word. 

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