Comment to 'Rebuilding the Ancient Ruins'
  • Todd, you wrote:

     But that reform can only come about when we first recognize that we have only one true Head of the Church. We need to leave all the other nonsense behind and focus just on Him. And there is nothing that I know of, besides our own sin, that prevents us from pursuing that goal right now. May God give us the wisdom and courage and strength to pursue His kingdom reign and righteousness.

    Years ago I began hearing an emphasis on the apostolic and prophetic ministries and some who imagined the 5-fold ministries in Ephesians 4:11 as "headship" over the body of Christ.

    While I believe that God still gives these gifts to the church to build us up, I see a great danger in exalting them up in this way.

    On the other hand, like you, I look for reasons to be encouraged and try to encourage others. Many in our circles look for opportunities to serve rather than to be served. They know that pastors and teachers have their part, but also that everyone of us has a purpose in the Lord's kingdom.

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