Comment to 'Christian Magazine calls for Family Worship'
  • The ancient words of the the imprisoned Apostle to the Philippian Jailer ring down through the centuries. Spoken with a loud voice, I might add:  "Do yourself NO harm!" Acts 16:28.

    Whether physical, spiritual, or eternal harm, God represents the exact opposite: Life, healing, and health. Satan, on the other hand, came to destroy, maim, and kill.

    What a shame when so called church leaders do Satan's bidding and make other Christians look dumb. And that the State has to step in with common sense.

    This same strain of ignorance led some to walk around in their church meetings holding poisonous snakes in order to prove God would take care of them. Many however were bitten, became sick, and died.

    Good to hear from you Lonnie on this otherwise difficult day. And thank you for sharing the timely link. 

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