Comment to 'How did we get from the Sermon on the Mount to the Nicene Creed?'
  • David, you wrote: "

    As for places to meet, when the Israelites were in captivity, the naturally formed groups to meet in. And called these synagogues, which continued on and on. And were made use of by Christ and the apostles. My point is that they were not commanded to organize synagogues. It was just a natural impulse and worked fine in many instances just as house churches also do today.

    It's always good to ask: How did we get from here to here? "

    Your point about Jesus giving the apostles the authority to work through the issues of their day is a good one. I believe we can learn from their examples and be inspired by them. Then we can seek the Lord and the direction of the Holy Spirit in how to apply the same principles to our time and our culture.

    If we could only trust the same Holy Spirit to lead others who might be taking a different approach that we take!

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