Comment to 'Where Healing Belongs'
  • I think what you're talking about is churches interacting more like families than like corporations or audiences. From experience, I can tell you that's a painful transition for people to make.

    It's a bit like someone who was told his whole life that other people (professionals) had to carry him because he wasn't qualified or strong enough to walk, so he never did and his muscles weakened with atrophe. Then when someone told him the truth - that he could have walked all along, he faces a long, grueling road to make it happen.

    The difficulty, though, doesn't remove the importance for him to face the challenge. That difficulty is compounded by loneliness when others choose not to join him. For some, that's just too much to overcome.

    I'm thankful for sites and networks like this one (however small today) that are seeking to address the loneliness by helping the "walkers" find each other.

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