Comment to 'Light Of The World, chapter 2'
  • Dan,

    You got it!  

    This one would put you in the ballpark, "Some scholars believe that Mark's Gospel was written before those by Matthew, Luke and John."   That is 100% historically correct and it aligns with archaeological evidence.  That approach works with me because it aligns with a historical Jesus that there is in fact Roman records for.  When speaking with unbelievers, I stress that, yes, there really was a man named Jesus who lived in Judea at the turn of the 1st century.  That is a fact as far as we know.  The approach forces the ears of the unbeliever to accept we as a person, just like them.  That is harder to **** off as a "Christian nut."

    You are doing great and I want to read it once done and will be your first customer if you print it.

    Timothy, Redding

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    • Timothy, I took your advice. Thanks for the interest and the encouragement! It means a lot. I will be posting some additional chapters soon.


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