Site Instructions
Site Instructions

Hey there internet traveler and pilgrim in this world. Thank you for stopping by today.

Let's keep this fine print as short as possible.

Obviously there are thousands of Christian sites on the internet. This one is about alternative yet Biblical forms of church. Please post content which is consistant with our purpose. Otherwise it may be removed. Thank you.

To add content to the site, look for the plus sign (+) next to your name. Click on the plus sign after you have logged in.

Please notice: Posts are similar to blog posts. They contain your words and opinions. Articles are the words of others - short essays or short excerpts.

Files are pre-approved, relatively large formatted text documents. Such as long articles or books. Usually in PDF format.

Audio and video clips are also pre-approved. Due to size retrains for hosting and back-ups, we will eventually have to make room for longer audios and videos. For now they must be no longer than 5 minutes for video and 10 for audio.

Please send your article, file, audio and video submissions, as attachments, to

Groups, state and national, will be developed over time. Some are in place already. Please feel free to join and to post your local interests. Please inform us if you would like to see a particular group to be formed.

Your personal information is never sold nor traded nor used in any way. Please avoid the use of modern, honorific titles in your profile.

Please avoid the use of modern, honorific titles in your profile. Let's just be brothers and sisters here.

Your contributions, including your profile may be edited for clarity. But this is very rare.

There is nothing here for sale nor do we make solicitations of any kind nor are there referral links on this site.

We look forward fo reading your thoughtful and uplifting words.

The time for Christ-centered house churches is now!