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Jesse and Deborah, I am moving to Redding, California from Alaska by ship on April 27, as long as God wills it.   You are probably mostly interested in real, life, Christians there in NC.   I am originally from California, and I understand we are like Samaritans or something out there.   But, that aside, I love ... North Carolina.   I love it.  God showed me his Grace in North Carolina.  

I was in a hotel room somewhere around South Port.  I have spent most of my life up late at night studying, so I sometimes walk around a pace with my Greek New Testament open and have some pretty interesting conversations with the editor.  Well, there I was, alone in my hotel room walking the floor reading in Romans, and, "Bang, bang, bang, boom, ... etc., ... " and bullets flew up from the carpet and into the walls on the left, right, and up through the ceiling!   Apparently, drug dealers, when they get into a fight, don't shoot "straight up!"    The bullets came up through the carpet and were fired at such an angle that they didn't go straight up.   North Carolina!   That is the land of Grace!  I love the place.    

So, if you don't know any home fellowships in California and are looking for a Christian brother out here/there, well, I would like to apply for the job.  Nothing in the Bible says two Christians or more can't go fishing.   

Thank you and Bless you and all your family ... 

In His Name ...

Timothy Yeghian