Share your highlights of house church

It would be great to see people describe some of their special moments or experiences in house churches - like those times when God is clearly using us to minister to each other. Please share!

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  • I'll share one to get us started. One of our families came into our Sunday gathering a few months ago, clearly rattled by something that had happened that morning. (One of the advantages/challenges of house church gatherings is that it's nearly impossible to hide "stuff" that is going on in your life.) They shared with us enough of what was going on to know how to speak/pray into their situation - a crisis/conflict involving one of their teenage children. 

    We prayed together, and shared experiences and wisdom together that might be helpful. But the best part was when we asked the teens present to give their advice. First they were shocked to be asked - like it was the first time their input mattered to anyone. Then we were all shocked at how helpful (and convicting) their responses were - both to us and to each other. That family (and all of us) left encouraged, inspired, challenged, and more unified that day. We did nothing else with that gathering - that was more than enough!

    • This looks like what I am looking for.

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