The Holy Spirit (anointing) and the Modern Church

Sometimes my heart breaks when I see the times we are living in and the effects upon believers all around me. In this post We are dealing with today an on going very real experience which is harming many believers.  Most of The denominations are dealing with the demonic attack which seeks to shut down the anointing in the gathering of believers and in worship. Instead of dealing with and overcoming these challenges, leadership many time caves in and agrees to quench the Holy Spirit' work during the gatherings. I note that following a small group circle their often is room for the Holy Spirit where in contrast in the corporate setting Jesus and His Spirit as in the Book of Revelation chapter three has been cast out of the church. Thus in our modern churches today we can see that they can do church without Jesus and the Holy Spirit. 

Clearly we see that Jesus is outside knocking appealing not to the leaders who have turn a deaf ear to the voice of the Holy Spirit through Jesus' calling, so rather Jesus calls to the individuals who might be respective enough to respond. Notice that this giant Mega church believes themselves to be in a spiritual condition that is completely contrary to the view of the HEAD OF THE CHURCH! Much of the American churches see themselves in this condition. So I have been witnessing the calling of Jesus upon the sensitive hearts toward His Spirit calling them back to an earlier and more inner personal revival of their hearts by the means of His outreaching grace toward a more intimate companionship with Him. 

As the Lord is drawing them out to see the spiritual futility and unfulfilling direction of the modern church's morphing of Christianity into another system center upon marketing, dismissing the core needs for believers to coming into a deeper walk and become disciple adheres and find a restoration of the image of Jesus in their lives, my focus directed by the Lord is to help guide each person back to see what the Scripture reveals as example of what the early church looked like, what and how did they have intimate fellowship with our Lord? I am located in the Midwest, and have begun a podcast, and broadcast seeking to talk about these topics in hope of awakening those lost in the maze of smoke and mirrors;  the substitution, and counterfeit brought about by the same spirits that seduced the Laodicean to remove Jesus and His Holy Spirit from their midst!    

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  • Hi friend, You wrote: ...the modern church's morphing of Christianity into another system centered upon marketing.

    I could not agree more. I see this everywhere. It's not that marketing itself is bad, it's that we have lost site of the great realties of time and eternity. And turned Jesus into our personal Genie. 

    May God have mercy upon us. And may our prayers continually arise that He might use us in his true Vineyard. The harvest is great - the laborers few.

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    • I've seen this too. One thing that is almost impossible is to have meaningful Christ centered connections in this type of atmosphere. Not just in mega churches but even in the little country churches...

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