Inspirational words from the past (again)

Psalm 86:9. All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, Lord; they will bring glory to your name.

David was not a believer in the theory that the world will grow worse and worse and that the dispensation will wind up with general darkness, and idolatry. Earth's sun is to go down amid tenfold night if some of our prophetic brethren are to be believed. Not so do we expect, but we look for day when the dwellers in all lands shall learn righteousness, shall trust in the Saviour, shall worship Thee alone, O God, and shall glorify thy name. 

The modern notion has greatly damped the zeal of the church for missions, and the sooner it is shown to be unscriptural the better for the cause of God. It neither consorts with prophecy, honours God, nor inspires the church with ardour. Far hence be it driven!   C.H. Spurgeon, 1869.

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  • No longer will they teach their neighbor, or say to one another, 'Know the Lord,' because they will all know me, from the least of them to the greatest.

    Hebrews 8:11

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    • I think the church and established mission groups have dampened peoples desire to go out and share the Gospel.  I had a bookcase of stories of people, men and women who felt led to go out and their church or mission board said no, they were not trained enough.  Then they went out on their own, and did amazing things following the Spirit's leading.  My husband and I, also tried to go out with a mission's board, but we're rejected.  We went out on our own, with our own money, for a few weeks at a time, and with our children, and with friends, and met local people in the other countries who wanted to go out and witness also and helped them do it, as they could speak the local language, and help us in relating.  I think if more stories like this went out, more people would be inspired to go out.  Including those in house churches.  House churches work well in most countries.  

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      • Hi sister in Christ, this is a needful topic and worthy of a separate thread. At your leisure, if we may indulge upon your kindness, please click the + button by your name at the page top. Then press 'Discussion' and open a new topic in the  mission - evangelism or church planting area. And paste this same story there. Thank you much.

        Actually, I know of more than one person who are members here who also went out on their own, just as you and your family did. It somehow reminded me of these incidents of rejection:

        In 1934 at the age of 16, Billy Graham was turned down for membership in a local youth group because he was "too worldly."

        After graduating from Sharon High School in May 1936, Graham attended Bob Jones College. After one semester, he found it too legalistic in both coursework and rules. He was almost expelled, but Bob Jones Sr. warned him not to throw his life away: “At best, all you could amount to would be a poor country Baptist preacher somewhere out in the sticks. . . 

        Link to the story.

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