Doing a New Thing?

England usually goes before the rest of the West. We see this over and over. They led the world with modern missions, freeing their slaves and too much more to cite. Such as the Beatles and National Health Care.

Interestingly, they had a house church movement back in the early 70's. As you can see from the book cover, it was personality driven and real enough to justify a book on the subject. Published in 1995.

It appears to me that much good was done. So, what can we learn from this history? And where did things end - which they did? And why? It was also spiritual-gift driven, which is a good thing if things are authentic. 

One of the leaders went to pray for an elderly sick woman in a wheel-chair. As he prayed, her cat jumped up out of her lap - and instantly died. She, however, was no better...   :)

More to come.

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