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Where are the young people?

We finally got moved and look forward to more privacy beyond the city. Thanks David for helping us back onto the site.

New England churches are all but dead, so it seems. The house churches we found there were far apart and highly insulated. There was little interest in outreach-spiritual or physical. 

I see today that the freedom seekers in Hong Kong are mostly young-as young as 12. So I ask where are the committed young people in the a house church movement or whatever it's called. 

We liked that video here about optimistic prophecies and God being victorious in history. But the speakers were strikingly in their latter days themselves. I say it not to be insulting because no one can set their age. 

Young people: Please speak up.

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    • Glad your move went well, Tommy. You make some good points.

      Those young people, as are many of their parents, are likely somewhere out there lurking behind a screen of some kind...

      According to recent Barna data, Gen Z shows signs of self-awareness concerning these negative tendencies. More than half of teens and young adults ages 13­–21 years-old (53%) say they put off or procrastinate doing homework or other things because of technology. They also blame technology for feeling more distracted (50%) and less productive (36%), for wasting a lot of time (54%) and for shortening their attention span (30%).


      Soooo.... what was intended as a tool has become a toy. But the bigger question is: how do you get people of any age motivated and engaged with things (Christ and his Kingdom, for example) which they are not very interested in at the present.

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