bibles for kenya

blessings and greetings

i do hope you are doing good.

we are praying for you. please pray for us and if possible assist us to empower our housechurch gatherings with bibles.

we have many born again believers in our housechurch with bibles. this is great hindrance for their growth spiritually.

we have 100 housechurch gatherings each with averagely 30 believers. this house church share 1 or 2 bibles at most, i have a big burden and concern over this kind of life.

i have managed to buy some few bibles from my return from music, but this is not enough, they are only very few, compared to the need.

giving each believer a bible is a big inheritance to them, both here on earth and in heaven. please kindly allow yourself to pray for us and ask God regarding this burden.

God bless you

yours faithfully             

william and virginia getumbe

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    • merry chrismas, thank you for posting this need here for prayers, support, counsel, the world needs the word of God, both in word and in print, we need to reach out to the lost, God has not changed his word, Jesus said God ye, reach out with the gospel, baptize and disciple in name of the Father ,Son and Holy Spirit. much darkeness has fallen in the hearts of many, believer have become faint, each day, the world is crowding into believers heart, but let us keep and trim our lights at such atime, let us make disciples without tire. let us reach out to the fields, the harvest is ripe with fruit and corn,  so that we can gather it to the stores. am praying for you, their many ways to do this, you can pray, give, encourage us in writing, or come to us physically in the mission field in kenya, you can share our testimonies and give your word / testimonials on our behalf. please also apart from reaching. training . am also agospel musician, here is my youtube channel link, as well, pray for me, help me help other with similar gifting and talent, teach me , counsel me ,, and as well connect me with like minded believers who also deal with worship and praise or produce gospel music, i use my talent to reach out and encourage others and help with their needs, here is my youtube channel

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