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Hoping to connect with others close to my area who would be interested in a home church.  Saturday nights.   Any suggestions on how to connect with other believes who want to leave the corporate church? 

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    • You can download the Nextdoor app and join your neighborhood newsfeed. Be careful of those trying to debate with atheists that’s nonproductive.

      Look for Christian groups you may want to join. Maybe prayer groups etc. Meet people there. They encourage you to start your own group. Here’s where you can share your intentions of wanting to start a home Bible study/worship group.

      Invite people you connect with in the other groups to join your group.

      One of our families is moving to East TN in March. You can reach out to Keenan McClure on our church website https://www.beingchurchfl.org

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      • This fellowship is too far away for me, but it is something that I will pray for.  

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