Christ in the Daily Meal by Norman Fox

Undeniably, the church which Jesus Christ and his Apostles left behind soon became much more complicated and even corrupted. As you are aware, even the Reformation did not settle every issue.

Your view of the "Lord's Supper - is it the Catholic view, Lutheran view, Quaker view, or Reformed view? Or none of the above? As to frequency, do you prefer yearly, monthly, weekly, or... daily?

Hopefully we can agree that it is/was a real meal and should be a frequent occurrence. If the original was a Passover meal, then we can safely partake of it in our own homes as did the Israelites. Without an "administrator".

Above all, let's be patient with one another in this regard. Good men differ. And unscriptural traditions die hard.

The author was a professor of church history and unlike so many in the church today, actually earned his credentials. Look this free book over and if you like, download it for your own.

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    Christ in the Daily Meal by Norman Fox