Liturgy in the Early Church by Graham Hamer

This essay might better be called: The Lack of Liturgy in the Early Church.

The author holds two degrees from Oxford University. Find more about him and his other fascinating research here. This document comes to you via his kind permission. 

As always, prove all things. And don't forget the background of those who sat at the "Last Supper". All were accustomed to a private Passover family feast. Where real food was consumed. 

Remember also that these possessed a Hebrew mentality of rich symbolism. They did not merely look at a rainbow - but in so doing they remembered God's mercy. As for rich symbolism, our Lord frequently employed it. "If you will have fellowship with me, you must eat my flesh and drink my blood."

Nothing is harder than laying aside a lifetime tradition or divesting your mind of previously held convictions. Yet we must if necessary. May the Almighty direct your steps.

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    Liturgy in the Early Church by Graham Hamer