Rethinking Eucharistic Origins

This keen essay provides an excellent overview of how the "Lord's Supper" developed and became a "token meal" and a "sacrament." As compared to an actual meal. The author, by the way, is considered to be one of the leading authorities on the subject. By his kind permission we can offer his careful and charitable-minded research for your perusal on this important subject.

Today, I recall that the actual Passover was a family meal. Eaten in homes. Not requiring a special "ordained" administrator. I also recall how good men can differ in their opinions of the "Lord's Supper". During the Reformation, for example, there were several competing ideas among men that God was using to change the world.

Hopefully, this article will become an idea generator in the times ahead. And just as real estate is valued on the basis of location, location, location, we will likewise understand the historical context of the early Christians and the societies in which they lived and moved. Instead of reading our own cherished views backwards into the historical narratives.

What we do know for certain is that thousands of people are leaving Christ and Christianity. Many churches are closing, too, as one would expect. The "token" meal theory is definitely losing sway. I believe that it is one factor in the transition.

Find Dr. Andrew McGowan here. With more of his essays. He's also a book author. This piece appeared in the Pacifica Journal a few years ago. His photo above is courtesy of Google images. Enjoy!

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    Rethinking Eucharistic Origins