J.B. Lightfoot, Essay on Ministry

Here for your perusal is a notable essay by a notable English scholar. It has been in print for about 150 years. Therefore many consider it to be useful.

I recommend it in that it reveals the different issues in play with regard to the church leadership conversation - not because it will settle these issues to your satisfaction. 

Source: Lightfoot's Commentary on Philippians. 1888.  The first paragraph is beautiful: 

"The kingdom of Christ, not being a kingdom of this world, is not limited by the restrictions which fetter other societies, poltical or religious. It is in the fullest sense free, comprehensive, universal. It displays this character, not only in the acceptance of all comers who seek admission, irrespective of race or caste or sex, but also in the instruction and treatment of those who are already its members. It has no sacred days or seasons, no special sanctuaries, because every time and every place alike are holy. Above all it has no sacerdotal system. It interposes no sacrificial tribe or class between God and man, by whose intervention alone God is reconciled and man forgiven. Each individual member holds personal communion with the Divine Head. To Him immediately he is responsible and from Him directly he obtains pardon and draws strength."

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