Group Name:
New York: Group of Believers in Trumansburg


Our church does not really have a name, most of our members just call it group. We started out as a bible study several years ago, but as many of the traditional churches attended by our members have gone to digital services or restricted who can attend each week, now for many of us it is the only gathering we attend.  Our Group currently has ten members, not counting children, we are a mixed bunch, each with their different backgrounds and understanding, but we are all striving to be like the bereans and test everything to the scriptures. 

We currently meet every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm. Each week we pick a different topic to discuss, sometimes specific questions and other times just general themes.  Whoever is hosting acts as mediator ensuring that the conversation stays on topic and that passion doesn't overflow. Our meetings usually last two hours, with the main discussion ending at 9.

Please give me a call if you are interested in learning more. (570)8518301 There is a worldwide call back to the home where a church can thrive under the authority of the Lord. Breaking bread, forming relationships, and hopefully collectively growing closer to Christ.