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The No name group (only because it's not a priority to us)

Been meeting twice a month on Mondays for over a year, so I guess it's time to let people know about us. North Idaho area, Priest River to Diamond Lake WA. Currently, an older group who loves food, and most likely talks too much. Are we 100% Charismatic? No. Are we Messianic? No. But there are elements to all that we can appreciate. If you want to be kept up to date, then search for my profile on this website and follow it. Robert A. Foster


Today was a good day.

  An old friend of mine long dead used to end all his emails and letters with “Today is a Good day!” Which in my mind was quite a statement since he suffered all the way to the end with Cancer. This of course has been a thought that has lingered in my mind over the years. 

  But today was a good day. Our small group got together and had a meal (tacos) while discussing many things including cancer. Most of the group no longer attends the system, the institutional church. But one of them still does, they are elders in a broken system suffering from dysfunctional leadership. This leadership in their desperation stepped over and ignore biblical boundaries. The assistant pastor has now been fired and it sounds like the main pastor will soon follow.

  Do we shout and tell them that they need to leave the system? No, they are battle-worn elders trying to do their duty to the best they believe God has for them. So…we pray, we minister, and do what we can.

  They know my thinking and the thinking of the group. But we don’t push, shove or manipulate. Because that would be the old ways, the ways of the corporate system. We love, care, and listen because that is the way of the Kingdom.

  I am convinced freedom will only come if a person wants it. The reality is no one will move out of Egypt unless God is in it. Are we willing to demonstrate the Kingdom, are we willing to live according to its ways?

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