Server Upgrade Now in Progress

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Now connecting the main wire to the battery to attempt to launch this new site... 

Jesus is Lord of all things, including the internet.

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    • Exciting News: We are upgrading our hardware to provide the best experience ever. Please forgive any bugs, outages, burps, or hiccups. 

      The fun - will it ever end? This site has been online for about 25 years now. God be thanked!

      Oh my, what would these guys in the photo say today if they could see where technology has gone?

      One of the men, by the way, was an ingenious Italian guy. Marconi is to be thanked every time we use our cell phone, which is actually a radio and a transmitter. 

      Oh never mind that... Let's press on in the steps of our Leader and Mighty King. And claim every thought captive to his Name. His Kingdom is calling us. Every person and everything else seen and unseen belong to Him - even the internet.

          Have a Jesus Day!

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