Spiritual Warfare Everywhere

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A old band named Cream referred to this unforgettable scene. Most school kids were also familiar with it.

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    • Regardless of our views of church, Satan is not going to let up on us or our loved ones. His purpose is to destroy regardless of what we say or believe.

      The Sirens present a potent metaphor for temptation. Like the Sirens, the desire to fall into sin can be highly enticing. It may offer you pleasure here and now but remember that the seashore was littered with the bones of previous victims.

      No, we don't take our cues from Greek mythology. Yet we have to admire their awareness of temptation and fallen human nature. The Captain knew the temptation would be strong - so he had his sailers tie him to the mast. Odysseus was curious as to what the Sirens sang to him, and so, on the advice of Circe, he had all of his sailors plug their ears with beeswax!

      You and I, will we restrain ourselves in the hour of temptation? Only by the power of Living Christ will we succeed.

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      • He is able to succeed in the man. amen.

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