House church in Central PA

Anyone here in central Pennsylvania?

sellers family 

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    • Hi... we live in Hummelstown, PA and have a Home Church at my home. Is that near you? We would love to have you! My phone number is 717-903-3685 if you’d like to call me for more information.

      Bless you,

      Linda Castillo

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      • Hi Sellers Family,  It's great that you listed on this great site.  Such a good way for people to connect!  Please also check out There is another house church listed in PA there.  I don't know if it's close enough.  If you decide to start one in your home, you can always list a "proposed" house church. There is no cost, no donations, no advertising on this new national listing site.   God bless you, Lisa

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        House church in Central PA
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