Why learn New Testament Greek?

I get asked this all the time, not just from Christians but from a lot of unbelievers too.  Why do I waste my time learning and reading my New Testament in Greek?  I was just asked that question again.   I'll be direct.

To begin with, there are over 340 denominations registered with the World Council of Churches. That is the tip of the confusion-iceberg; it is only the number that is registered. So, in addition to that for every street corner in America there is someone potentially there poking their finger into the air and preaching a Gospel of Destruction.

Nevertheless, in Revelations, in Greek, John's Revelation, in the oldest manuscripts, note that I said that, uses a very, very different word for "sword" as found in most of the New Testament. It is found nowhere else. The word in Revelation 19:15 for "sword" is ῥομφαία, or our Roman friends, romphaia, the sword that the Coming Christ uses to slice whole nations in half.

Scholars who love to research these things are not sure. Did the romphaia originally come from Thrace, Thessaly, or Dacia?  There is a strong argument for Dacia.  It isn't the Roman gladius, a single hander, nor is it the usual Greek word in the New Testament, a machira, also a single hander.  The romphaia was a very long double hander and the user did not carry a shield.  The romphaia was more like the Japanese naginata, but it was a shorter version.

Both the Roman legion and the Greek phalanxes could pack their shields into impenetrable walls, thus with one of those marching in step towards your general, or even your king, was by the time that one wall of shields got that close it was then relatively undefeatable. Accordingly, whoever invented it the designer dropped the soldier's shield and went for double-handed, raw, unstoppable cutting power. It was a long, double-hander, with a long blade, made of the best steel the king could be. Have you ever seen the movie where there are only two guards at the door of the Hollywood king and both of them are holding only a huge sword, and no shield? That is the idea. The shield is irrelevant. One single cut will end the conflict. In its day no armor was strong enough to stop it. Kings surrounded themselves with men who were masters in using it.

So, why do I read my New Testament in Greek? Because I am utterly surrounded by cults, Christian cults. To me, God's word isn't just a "sword," but it is the romphaia of Jesus, and there is no cult anywhere that has armor thick enough to stop the edge of the blade of the romphaia of Jesus Christ. It is Hellenistic Koine Greek that puts that kind of edge on that kind of sword.

I made this video for my brothers and sisters. Americans have a melt down when they hear or see a new alphabet. However, it is no coincidence that Americans have been trained to fear the Greek alphabet.

Here, I made you a grinding stone ...

Video #3: Learning the Greek Alphabet and practicing it with some Greek New Testament words. - YouTube

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    Why learn New Testament Greek?
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