Joyful in Greensboro

Good to see folks here from North Carolina. One of the original 13 Colonies, I might add...

This happy street preacher brings good things to mind. Of how Jesus can mend not just our personal problems but also the problems which plague our society. After all, it was Jesus who said we were to be the light of the world and salt of this earth.

Therefore let us lay any racial prejudice aside and kneel at the Cross with any others who will join us there. Then rise and demonstrate His love to all people.

Also, the street preacher is a reminder of the ancient texts which speak of the early believers being the vessels of the truth and of preaching itself. Preaching was not confined then (or now) to a clerical cast.

Taking the church to the people rather than expecting them to come to us.

For me, he brought an old saying to my mind. It goes like this: "There is no happier Christian than the one who has yet to meet a theologian." In a sense, we are all theologians, true. We therefore can become too obsessed with new ideas while neglecting or forgetting to do what we already know is right and proven. Likewise, we can forget the wonderful simplicity of God's message of salvation.

We found this dear brother in Greensboro. We enjoyed our conversation very much as well as hearing him sing. We were visiting an outdoor arts show there on a hot day. Not soon forgotten.

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