Ray Comfort, A Good Example

Ray Comfort is famous for his bold street preaching. Now he is involved in movie-making as well. After 50 years of ministry, he is able to send out hundreds of thousands of free books and millions of gospel tracts. He even pays the shipping. 

We are reminded of the late Keith Green who used a similar strategy. Not to mention Dan Beaty, who has authored several free books and financed several mission trips to India at his own expense.

Until recent years Ray did not even own an automobile. And lived in a small house. He bought his first car a few years ago, having formerly traveled by bicycle. It was a ten year old VW Beetle. And: He has kept his marriage together for half a century. And that without the usual affair(s) that mark so many high profile Christian leaders. 

Unfortunately, there are those in the non-traditional church movement who spend large amounts of time and effort in order to market and sell their books. This, after attacking the "paid pastor". But what is the difference? 

If a person has a message for the church - why should a price be attached to it? Especially when the internet offers many venues of making it possible to disseminate any message, long or short. Be it print, audio, or video.

The whole church must immediately get out of the merchandizing/paraphernalia business and follow our Savior who declared: "Freely give - freely you have received."

Source: 60 Minutes

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