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After 7 or 8 years, the hc-talk mail list is moving to a new web based format: Radically Christian Cafe.

Email, as a medium of communication, requires more effort than ever before. For most of us, it involves the daily frustration of sifting through increasing amounts of spam. Much of it is sent out for no purpose except to waste the recipients' time and to clog up our bulging mail boxes. Viri - self replicating and highly destructive - are regularly being sent from forged addresses which look familiar. Occasionally, mail boxes fill up with junk and there isn't room for the stuff we want.

In short, the email environment since the inception of these lists has become very hostile - almost unusable for some. Based upon feedback which I have received, email is no longer the preferred method of carrying on written dialogue. With these things in mind, A new online, web-based community, Radically Christian Cafe, has been created. The address is below.

The advantages of the new arrangement are several:

-- A neat web interface which alerts users, at a glance, of where new posts have been made.

-- The new system is completely commercial free. No pesky nor distasteful ads.

-- No possibility of viri or spyware infection as there are no email attachments.

-- No email at all unless you request it.

-- You only participate when you desire. Things never pile up.

-- No need to log in each time you visit. The program "remembers" members. :-)

-- Instant notification via email when somebody responds to your posts, if you choose.

-- Any person may read the posts, unlike an email list which is restricted to members.

-- Members may communicate with each other without disclosing their email addresses.

-- Members may edit their messages after they are posted.

-- Members' addresses are never revealed.

-- A member's actual name is not revealed unless they so desire.

-- Messages are searchable and instantly indexed.

-- Messages are grouped according to specific topics, unlike email which has no order.

-- Messages remain permanently visible on the web for future readers!

-- Messages are threaded on a single page rather than in separate pages and links.

-- There was something else, but it escapes me...

At this time, anyone may participate. Soon, only members will be able to post, though any person may continue to read. Presently, there are about 500 registered members. Join us when you are able.

Check here for some of the email list archives.

And check here for the archives of ntcp, our missions and evangelism e-list.

Go right to the Cafe.