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User Agreement

Do uplift the Lord Jesus Christ and esteem others better than yourself. Do hold the holy Scriptures as eternal truth as did He.

Speak that truth in love - everything else should take care of itself.

The fine print:

Blatantly false teachings, rudeness, extreme disingenuousness, inordinate complaining, threats or ultimatums of any sort, attempts to engender self-pity, overposting, advertising, or denigration of this User Agreement may result in immediate cancellation of user status without warning or appeal.

Post in an appropriate forum where similar topics are discussed. That is important in order for folks to find your messages at a later date.

Being a discussion forum, we ask that you refrain from posting newsletters, book chapters, position papers, sermons, etc. Feel free to link to and to quote from such material with an explanation of why it is significant.

If you intend to continually attack Christians of other branches of the Church, your time might be better spent elsewhere. If you don't view the basic apostolic teachings and practices as relevant for today's church, likewise.

Whenever you disagree with others - and you will - offer criticism in a constructive manner. Keep it in mind that we are creating a record for those who will come along later.

We reserve the right to move off-topic posts to an appropriate forum, to delete posts, to reformat posts for readability, to rename posts (but not to edit them), to divide threads, and to close threads.

Your email address will not be disclosed nor shared at any time. Once subscribed, you may change your ID, password, or unsubscribe at any time.

Finally, be a blessing and an encourager to others as we seek to bring every thought captive to our King and mutual Friend - Jesus, the Christ!

We look forward to hearing from you.

David Anderson

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