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Mon Nov 3 12:07:14 EST 2003

I have also read this book. I think regardless if it has been taught before,
I am glad people are reading it again. Maybe some of it will sink in. (grin)
It is a good book and I also pray the same as Janet, that the success don't
change the author.

It would be nice to know if they ever give the book away to small churches
that can't afford it. And if any of the big profits are going out to help
finance any evangelism efforts.

Just some thoughts.

Plow on, plow on...
David Campbell

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> Dear Grueling Reviewer:
> Just bought this book last week. ("The Purpose Driven Life")   The lady at
> the Barnes & Noble cash register said they are selling like hotcakes.
> read about the first 5 chapters so far.  Yep, I agree, David,  so far
> nothing new.  I also disagree with the author's  premise that everything
> about our physical makeup is just as God ordained it.  Isn't it a symptom
> a fallen world that we have a child born with cystic fibrosis and various
> disfigurements?  The author didn't seem to make allowances for that.
> However, I do believe that God can bring some good things from the sad
> events that touch us.
> Hope all the $$$ coming in from sales doesn't change the author.  He seems
> like a nice pastor.
> Have a good day with some pleasant surprises!
> janet
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> >
> >      Hi all,
> >
> > It's always lotsa fun to see what is really hot in the book sections of
> > the big stores and bookstores.
> >
> > Looks like Rick Warren has hit paydirt with his "purpose-driven" books.
> > But why? Scanning through them, one encounters little that looks new,
> > revolutionary or would not have been covered in an adult Sunday school
> > curriculum of yesteryear.
> >
> > The "-driven" cliche is one obviously borrowed from the business
> > community, dating back several years ago.
> >
> > Rick does encourage small groups, for what that's worth (especially if
> > their purpose is to discuss his books). Not much, imo, as these small
> > groups could and should never exist apart from the institutional church,
> > in their opinion.
> >
> > I'm gonna drop this post on the ntcp list as there are some book authors
> > there who may have some ideas about the success of this series.
> >
> > your grueling reviewer,
> >
> >      David Anderson
> >
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